About The Shop

Skills Required for Success in the Auto  Technology Trade

       o    Ability to use changing technology.

   o    Ability to read and follow directions.

    o    Good oral and written communication skills.

        o    Ability to work alone or with people in a team.

         o    Must be considerate, honest, and dependable.

Future Career Opportunities in Auto Technology

o    Automotive Service Technician

o    Automotive Mechanic

  o    Engine Performance Specialist

   o    Recreational Vehicle Mechanic

o    Brake Specialist

   o    Heating and AC Specialist

   o    Chassis and Suspension Specialist

  o    Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Specialist

Grading Policy

In order to calculate grade point average (GPA), each course will be awarded a rating based on the number of periods a class/shop is in session, the credit assigned to the shop and whether the course is required to meet graduation requirements as mandated under the Massachusetts Education Reform Law. Grading systems are developed by individual departments and instructors and vary in context and content. Instructors are given the flexibility to develop grading systems and standards, based on their expectations and department guidelines.

Coop Opportunities

Cooperative education work placement offers students an additional learning dimension to their educational experience and is designed to expand their knowledge and skills through a work place experience in the business community. This supervised, instructional experience is directly related to their career & vocational technical program, and carries school credit. Students are evaluated by their employer and the CTE coordinators, using a work-based learning plan with clear learning goals with the vocational technical teachers, the employer, and the student.